How much is too much regarding Cardio?

  • Note: I have not started my "Challenge" yet.  I am still planning things out so when I do start I don't have to stall out wondering what to do.

    On to my question...Working out in the gym is not a problem...even getting a workout in during the time allotted (47mins +/-).  My issue is going to be with the Cardio aspect of it.  My wife and I love cycling...more specificly, mountain biking.  I am a former mtb racer and want to get back into racing.  Therefore, on cardio days...doing a run/stepper/elliptical/whatever in the allotted time...I'm ok with.  Even if I just spin on the trainer for 45 minutes...I am ok with.  But, what about the days my wife and I want to go to the trails and mountain bike?  The average loop time (our trail system is 11.2 miles in a loop format) takes roughly an hour and fifteen minutes (+/-) on an average pace.  Race pace would be around an hour for one loop.  For me to get back into racing I would be required to race two laps.  That is two plus hours.  Is going over the allotted time OK?  I know one of the concerns is muscle tissue breakdown...but, I would be supplimenting with energy drinks and/or bars (with protien) along the way.  I have been off the bikes for around three years...I miss it dearly.  My health has suffered as a result.  Therefore, I want cycling to be a part of my "Challenge" transformation process.

    What are your thoughts on this?  Is cycling going to over-do-it for me during the "challenge"?

  • Here's a question... how often would you be going out cycling your loop? I do a lot of backpacking and hiking/camping/rock and ice climbing myself, and I have the same problem. What I end up doing is REALLY REALLY pushing hard twice a week for my 20-minute cardio, and then, on Saturday, I hit the trails. Last Saturday, for example, instead of a 20 minute intervals session, I hiked at a solid pace for 5.5 hours!

    Here's the breakdown (for me, at least)... hiking is what I do, it's how I get "high" (as cycling is for you). I am doing BFL not only for the health benefits, but also so that I can enjoy the things I love even more.. And this weekend proved that it works, because I felt GREAT!

    I definitely get in my 20 minute intervals during the week, though. Hope this helps!

  • I guess it all really depends on your fitness goal.  If you are wanting to lose fat it may be too much.  You already know it will affect your muscle building and muscle building is important for fat loss.  As for cardio, here is how it is done as far as BFL which is 20 min High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


    Here are a couple of sites that may help you decide what to do.

    Hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!