" Jello-y" muscles...

  • I noticed many times I am not sore from lifting higher weights like the first week, but I get "jello-y" make any sense?

    does that mean I did the exercise right? it ususally last a few hours after I lift..

  • i've only done one weight training workout so far (i just started the challenge) but i definitely did feel jello-y for a few hours after the workout. I've also been pretty sore for a couple days after. Not sure if I'm supposed to be sore/how long I'm supposed to feel sore for....I saw a post on the forum that listed the top 10 ways you can spot a  BFL-er and one of the things on the list was constantly being sore and asking family members for massages.....so maybe being sore is normal for this challenge?

  • From what I've read that fat get a little hard over a period of sedentary time. When a person starts working those areas of fat it loosens back up and gets jello-y after workouts. This is only in the begining and as you continue to workout the fat will burn and the muscle will strengthen. So even in areas of muscle (biceps) there is a layer of fat.

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