Your Cardio distance

  • Hey all,

    I was wondering what distance people are going with their 20min cardio.... The ones who run the treadmills anyway. I usually make it to about 2.2-2.3 miles. I try to bump my speed in little bits every time to increase the distance my goal is 2.5miles by the end of my challenge and that's 3 weeks. I have a friend that has just reached 3miles... that is crazy. 

  • Depends what your doing. Once i reached 2.5 miles i started to increase the incline instead of speed. 2.5 miles translates to doing your intensity levels by MPH, i.e. 6=6, 7=7, etc. So if your goal is fat burn then keep trying to increase your distance. If your looking to up your leg strength/calf size, then keep your intensity levels, and work on increasing the incline 1 degree a week

  • My goal was to reach 2.5miles in 20 minutes. I hit it on Day 83 (last cardio day). It was such a big deal to me because I've never been a runner. When I started, I could only do 1.75mi!  I would increase by 0.1 each time. It was slow progress, but the timing worked out exactly right. If you're at 2.3 mi now, you can hit 2.5 in 3 weeks! Go for it!!

  • OMG - you guys are so awesome! What pace are you running at? My best time for a 5k was 34:00 - I would be thrilled to make 3 miles in 30 minutes; 25 would rock my world!!   I should add I'm just starting BFL.

  • I am going to try my best for 2.5. After I run that for a couple of weeks I will start the incline. Good posts guy/gals

  • I do mostly treadmill work also but have never really taken note of my distance covered. I do know this that the incline makes a huge difference.....even a "2" which is what I always run at. My speeds are 5mph. warmup...then 5.5-6.0-6.5-7.0 then my final peak is 7.5. If you are running flat on the treadmill it is much easier than even a small incline.

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  • I run about 2.3 on a .5 incline -- I run on an incline because my doctor says it's easier on my knees (I had knee surgery a few years ago).  My (admittedly high) goal is 3 miles by the end of the Challenge -- I'm in Week 5 now.  

  • I make it to 2.5 at 20 minutes right now.  I have 2 weeks left to rock this challenge and I'm going to get to 2.75 by my last workout!  I would love to get to 3 miles one of these days.   I got up to 9.5 for my 10 today - so I will enjoy that last accomplishment.  It's amazing what your body will do if you give it clear directions.

    runninggrl :)

  • Runninggrl....those are very impressive speeds.....You'd be blowing by me no problem!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Thanks fit4life - but I have to say I need to bump up my incline - I only have it at 1, so wmy numbers might be a little lower at a 2.   I started off MUCH slower in the beginning and I've really had to dig deep for  my 10s.  I really appreciate the compliment.  Some days I feel like maybe I could have done more (even though I'm dying) so it's nice to hear the word "impressive".  

    runninggrl :)

  • The whole cardio thing is something I do only because I know it's good for me. I could work out my UB everyday if I could. I've actually had days where I have golfed 18 holes then come home and cut the grass and considered that my cardio. Not exactly BFL style but I know I burned a lot of calories. You seem to have a gift for running as some others do so keep going strong. All the best!

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  • LOL I am a wee lass of only 5 foot 1... so I am pretty psyched that my short little stubbs can take me  1.5 in 20 minutes! hahahah! I use the Garmin Forerunner and I run outside on trails through the woods with I use the info from that. I have been seeing improvements each week though! I can cover more distance and have better average and max pace. I love my Forerunner, it even has a heart rate monitor and I can see all stats for each minute of my run if I want!  

  • Hey CD21,

    I do 2.1 miles and 380 feet of incline over my 20 minutes which includes a 2 minute warm up period with no incline.  I try and leave my speed constant for the most part and use the incline to reach my high points.  My max one minute incline is at 7 for now, and I normally go in one minute increments to inclines of 1, 3, 5, 7 and then back to 1.   I started 10 weeks ago at 1.45 miles and 155 feet of incline.  

    I chart my weekly progress and strive to always post a better distance and elevation every week.

    I think the main thing is being goal oriented and working to hit your high points.  If you do this your numbers will continue to climb.  

    Good Luck!


  • Thanks so much for this thread guys and girls I HATE doing my cardio but count it as a necessary evil. Thing is I have no idea how far I'm running and this thread has actually made me look forward to my cardio tomorrow so i can find out.

    TSo thanks :0)

    Small steps win the race!

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  • I am hitting right around 3 miles right now.  In January it was 2.6 and now it is between 2.95 and 3.0.

    Last year at the same time I was at 2.3 or so .... so big improvements have been made by just sticking with it and forcing myself through it.