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  • Forum Post: Do some proteins blend better than others?

    I tried to add protein to my coffee so that I could have the carrot cake muffins in the morning with my coffee and still meet my protein goal. But the protein powder I used wouldn't mix well with my coffee at all; it kept separating and getting chunky and was so bad I had to dump it. I've heard...
  • Forum Post: Health tips to save your heart and losing weight without hungers

    What I'm going to say here about cooking for healthy heart requires no secret ingredients. It simply means recipes of lower saturated fat, cholesterol, and total fat, and also reduceding slat "Sodium". An extra plus here, is that these recipes will have fewer calories and that leads...
  • Forum Post: My Menu... I need tips! :)

    Hello! I wanted to get some of ya'lls opinion regaring my eating plan. I'm going to write what I eat on a tipical day, and let me know if anyone has any suggestions on how to make it better? Much appreciated! Meal #1: Myoplex Advantedge Carb Control Protein Bar (still has 26g of carbs and...