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  • Forum Post: Health tips to save your heart and losing weight without hungers

    What I'm going to say here about cooking for healthy heart requires no secret ingredients. It simply means recipes of lower saturated fat, cholesterol, and total fat, and also reduceding slat "Sodium". An extra plus here, is that these recipes will have fewer calories and that leads...
  • Forum Post: Concerns about whether I am eating too much or not enough

    Hello all, I am at the tail end of my 3rd week on my first attempt at BFL (started 7/9/11). I am taking this challenge along with my husband. We are on this great debate on actually how much or how little I should be eating. We have read the BFL book and I have been reading different posts here on...
  • Forum Post: What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?!?

    Maybe it's more of a Southern thing, but my family, and many of my friends, often initiate conversations with "What are you having for supper?" It's just a nice conversation starter, and a great way to figure out what YOU might want for supper (or dinner) yourself. So, I dedicate this...
  • Forum Post: Snacking and protein

    I'm on day two of the challege (not to win the money - just on my own)- I'm not sure I'm getting enough protein. I have the myoplex strength question is does this count as a carb and a protein? does anyone have an idea of how many grams of proteins/carbs you should be having...
  • Forum Post: When You Can't Measure, Estimate Portions

    Found this link, figured I share it -George-