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  • Forum Post: What if you're working late?

    Hello all, My husband and I just started our challenge and his question is, should he keep eating every 3 hours if he is up for more than the usual 17 hours? As a police detective he's been known to be out working a full 25 hours. Though this is rare, what should he do in that situation? Thanks
  • Forum Post: Concerns about whether I am eating too much or not enough

    Hello all, I am at the tail end of my 3rd week on my first attempt at BFL (started 7/9/11). I am taking this challenge along with my husband. We are on this great debate on actually how much or how little I should be eating. We have read the BFL book and I have been reading different posts here on...
  • Forum Post: Chili OK to eat?

    I am a recent college graduate (aka poor haha) and my mom froze me a bunch of chili to take back to my apartment. Its tomato sauce, onion, spices, lean ground beef and beans. Would this be ok to have as a meal? If so how much should I have, about 1 cup or less? Thanks!