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  • Forum Post: EAS Supplement Products Question?

    I am in the planning stages for my meals and am looking to start on Sept. 3 rd . I have ordered the starter kit but have a few questions with the recommended meals. I am planning my meal times at: 6am, 9am, 11am, 1:30pm, Workout 2:30pm-3:30pm, 4:30pm, and 8pm. This works out best with my work schedule...
  • Forum Post: When to eat after weight training

    Hi gang, This is my 3rd Day and worked my lower body. When are you supposed to eat after weights? Some say immediately but thought the BFL says to wait awhile. Any suggestions? Thanks! I always thought you should consume some protein after weight training.
  • Forum Post: New Food Ideas

    I'm about to begin my 3rd week of BFL. I've done it in the past and I know that this program WORKS for me, however, I also know myself and I know that I get bored eating the same thing over and over. I'm getting ready to make my grocery list for week 3 and I would love some new ideas. Here's...
  • Forum Post: Concerns about whether I am eating too much or not enough

    Hello all, I am at the tail end of my 3rd week on my first attempt at BFL (started 7/9/11). I am taking this challenge along with my husband. We are on this great debate on actually how much or how little I should be eating. We have read the BFL book and I have been reading different posts here on...
  • Forum Post: Nurtritional Requirements

    Hi all, I'm planning on starting on Monday (1st August) and as a Dietitian, I like to track my nuritional intake, and was wondering if anyone could tell me the rough proportions of carbs-protein-fat i.e. in percentages or grams, and also is there a particular calorie intake to aim for. (I am 26yo...
  • Forum Post: Chili OK to eat?

    I am a recent college graduate (aka poor haha) and my mom froze me a bunch of chili to take back to my apartment. Its tomato sauce, onion, spices, lean ground beef and beans. Would this be ok to have as a meal? If so how much should I have, about 1 cup or less? Thanks!