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  • Forum Post: Re: Delicious Protein Smoothies and Shakes!!!

    Susan,~Thanks so much for sharing these recipes with us, I'm going to try some of these .. =) and thanks for showing the predict brand,also that so good of you sharing this with us. love it. =)
  • Forum Post: Re: thermo CLA?

    I use CLA. I take it in the morning with Breakfast and before bed.
  • Forum Post: Re: thermo CLA?

    Hey Legs do you take your CLA after your workout or is it just meal 3 and then 5or bedtime.=)
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    Maybe it's more of a Southern thing, but my family, and many of my friends, often initiate conversations with "What are you having for supper?" It's just a nice conversation starter, and a great way to figure out what YOU might want for supper (or dinner) yourself. So, I dedicate this...