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  • Forum Post: Whole Wheat Bread Portion Control

    What constitutes a portion of whole wheat bread? I realize a portion is an amount roughly the size of your fist or palm of your hand, however, by this logic a portion could easily be (1) slice of bread ((1) slice is also what is listed as a single serving on the breads nutritional information.) In...
  • Forum Post: Christmas Day

    Hi BFL'ers! I'm just interested to see what others have planned for Christmas Day (less than a month to go !!!!!!!) Christmas day is going to be our free day but I wanted to keep it reasonably healthy noting that I personally will still be watching my portion control so that I don't go to...
  • Forum Post: Health tips to save your heart and losing weight without hungers

    What I'm going to say here about cooking for healthy heart requires no secret ingredients. It simply means recipes of lower saturated fat, cholesterol, and total fat, and also reduceding slat "Sodium". An extra plus here, is that these recipes will have fewer calories and that leads...
  • Forum Post: Concerns about whether I am eating too much or not enough

    Hello all, I am at the tail end of my 3rd week on my first attempt at BFL (started 7/9/11). I am taking this challenge along with my husband. We are on this great debate on actually how much or how little I should be eating. We have read the BFL book and I have been reading different posts here on...
  • Forum Post: Chili OK to eat?

    I am a recent college graduate (aka poor haha) and my mom froze me a bunch of chili to take back to my apartment. Its tomato sauce, onion, spices, lean ground beef and beans. Would this be ok to have as a meal? If so how much should I have, about 1 cup or less? Thanks!