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  • Forum Post: Diet pizza

    Hi all; I love pizza, and you know pizza is a distructive food "full of calories". But I've tried a low calories pizza recipe and it was great, delicious and filling. Here you can read the recipe and try it ;)
  • Forum Post: I need some reassurance that I'm doing this right...

    In the past I've used calorie trackers (LiveStrong and Spark People) - I realize this diet is not about calorie counting, but about eyeballing portions. I've been using that method during my journey (p.s. I'm 3 weeks in) and also use the Eating For Life book and follow those recipes. Occasionally...
  • Forum Post: Chili OK to eat?

    I am a recent college graduate (aka poor haha) and my mom froze me a bunch of chili to take back to my apartment. Its tomato sauce, onion, spices, lean ground beef and beans. Would this be ok to have as a meal? If so how much should I have, about 1 cup or less? Thanks!