gross lunch

  • i spend the weekends at my boyfriend's house and usually make some food for the week on sundays or have two ready to eat meals (bars or shakes) ready for monday morning...then i usually get a salad with protein or go to the supermarket near my work at lunch. there is a truck (like an ice cream truck) that sells chinese food near my work and i occasionally get that. it is big enough for two meals and i always get tofu and they have brown rice too. now i got that today because i couldn't take a long lunch today and it is the closet. so i waited in line and they were out of i got chicken.

    when i tell you this was by far the most disgusting thing i have ever eaten. it didnt look like chicken or taste like was so nasty :(

    now i cant get the weird taste outta my mouth and i wasted five dollars. on a week i really can't be wasting money!

    but this is a lesson for me to PLAN

    this will never happen to me again.


    thank you

    Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can.

  • i hate it when i have a disappointing meal.  especially now a days since i'm working so hard!  

  • I hear you! that husband always makes fun of me for playing "20 questions" at restaurants. I tell him I don't want to be disappointed, but I have also found out I really have very different taste buds from most people...I hate fruit in my food, I hate sweet salads, sweetened sugared tea is NOT for me and then add that I cannot eaten anything containing oats, barely and Wheat......

    You have another meal coming...I just had a big bowl of Vietnamese salad I made at home...uber yummy....still working on what to make for dinner...part of the curse of being home MOST of the time is I have to be creative with feeding my family my food while I'm's getting tough in week 3...

  • haha i have the same "problem"...i take 5 times as long as my boyfriend to order! waiters don't like me :)

    sounds like this challenge will be an extra challenge for you! i can barely make food for myself, so i wouldnt know what to do if i had to feed a family too! good luck

    Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can.

  • that's why I am on the box right now digging up  low fat recipes!

    I'm going to make chicken Caccitore with pasta on the side for them big salad on the side.

    I found Bill's cookbook the other day  and thumbed through it. realized it's pretty much a low fat cookbook. For ME to actually lose weight  I also need to watch my starchy carbs like a hawk 6 out of 7 days...this past sunday I had a plate of Fish and chips, my fave. Made that meal even more special is that I had to wait for it...

    Not sure what to do this sunday.  The spouse will be out of the country on business until Wednesday so that will make sun-Wed dinners easy. My 2 youngest are in an internationally known singing group called The Singing Angels and I will be occupied in the theatre for over 3 hours...I guess i will have to bring a Myoplex bar or something to nibble. My concern is NEXT week end. I have t o go to a relative's wedding...I will not be able to work out as we will be on a road trip to get there...