Help with breakfast ideas

  • Hi everyone

    Could really do with some ideas for breakfast. My gym is next to my work so go in the morning do my work out and go straight to work after. Problem is i'm really struggling with ideas for my first meal. All week I've been having a protein shake and banana (my shake is carb free) and i'm and completely bored problem is I have not access to any kind of cooking equipment so it must be something i can make in advance and eat as soon as ive finished my work out, any ideas?


    Thanks sian

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  • Can you take cottage cheese and yogurt in a cooler?  That may work.  You can made up protein pancakes before hand and then take them with you.  They are even great at room temp.  Try maybe having a different fruit every other day.  Also, have you tried the nutrition bars?  I have found a couple of those I like.  Hope that helps!

  • I do the same thing with going to work right after the gym in the morning. I prep all my meals and take a cooler with me. I do the cottage cheese/ yogurt mix with a few berries thrown in pretty often for my 1st meal on those days (often eaten in the car!). The other thing I have been doing lately is this pumpkin yogurt mix I have whipped up. If you like pumpkin pie, it is soooo yummy! Let me know if you are interested and I will give you the recipe. I dip apple slices in it or it can just be eaten like yogurt as well. Breakfast on the go can be a challenge.  

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  • I bring oatmeal mixed with 1 scoop of whey powder in a tupperware container and then add water at work.  I leave the measuring 1/2 cup in the container too, so I can measure my water.

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  • How about hard boiled egg whites and fruit or whole wheat bread?

  • First off, bananas are not highly recommended bc they contain so much sugar- I had to cut mine down to one serving a week and it certainly made a difference as compared to eating one every day.

    Secondly, there are tons of possibilities for breakfast, but eating on the go makes it harder. I would say protein bar or shake are your best bets- but you knew that already. What about turkey/eggs wrapped in a tortilla? Single-serving Greek yogurt w/ an apple? Grapes and cottage cheese?

    Just some suggestions; hope they help.


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