wine and salami

  • My mother continues to bring Coca-Cola into my house eventhough she knows it is a weak spot for me.  I can relate to your mom telling you to eat the salami. It is really hard to ignore your mom, isn't it?  Her outlook on food is probably what made me fat in the first place!  I've taught myself that she means well, and I just try to smile and move on now when she does weird things!  She doesn't understand why BFL is so important to me and I don't understand why she isn't interested in hearing about it.  Accept our differences, and MOVE ON!

    One of our biggest obstacles to overcome in such a challenge as this is the ability to make a mistake and move forward.  I used to laugh at a guy at my gym who would "start over" everytime he was doing a BFL challenge and he ate something bad or missed a workout.  That is life!  Just look at it like maybe your body benefited from the cheat, the same way it does on your free day.  You will be so proud of yourself a week or two weeks from now when you look back and see that your salami and wine incident wasn't enough to make you bag the whole challenge.  In the course of 84 days, how much do you think that salami is really going to matter?  (I can say all this because I had a cupcake incident tonight, myself...but I'm OVER IT! Tomorrow is a new day!)

  • Yes, me too.   I allow myself wine on Friday and Saturday and basically consider that my splurge or free food for the week  I continue to watch portion sizes along with eating healthy foods.  I used to drink wine almost every night, so I've made a huge improvement not only in weight but it's easier to get up early (4:30am) in the mornings!    I'm into week 14 and I followed the plan almost to the tee.  I lost 2 pounds a week for the first 12 weeks and lots of inches (I didn't measure myself before I started the program and I should have because I dropped 3 dress sizes).  The pounds have slowed down to 1 lb. per week, but that's ok because I think I look great and I really feel good.   I WISH BODY FOR LIFE HAD T-SHIRTS.  I would love to advertise their program but I've been told they don't have them.  

  • jillian - i would think wine would be "better" for you than beer anyway...arent there less carbs in wine?

    CC- yea, it is impossible to ignore your mom. :\ i live at home still also to my shigrin, and i almost feel like she is offended when i don't eat what everyone else is eating. cupcakes are the best!! lol

    ConnieB - i was a heavy wine drinker before i started the challenge too...i tend to drink wine on fridays and saturdays just makes me hopeful that you did so well even having some wine during the challenge...of course you proably had a couple glasses and not whole bottles like me !! good job on losing so much weight in 12 weeks!!

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