• I searched and didn't see where anyone has asked about artificial sweetners.  Is Splenda okay?  I'm talking maybe a pack a day in oatmeal or a shake to sweeten it up a bit.

  • I use a little Splenda myself.

    If you want to try something more "natural" look into Xylitol.( It comes from tree bark, is all natural- not artificial,) Chewing gum with Xylitol creates an environment in you mouth that does not allow the bacteria that causes dental decay survive, so it prevents cavities! You can get it a health food stores.

    It is a great alternative for diabetics since it cannot spike blood sugar levels.


  • Thanks!  Good to know I can use a little Splenda.  It's either Splenda or Milk in my last meal shake and I really want to cut the milk out for these last few weeks.  Splenda makes it tolerable just blended with ice.

    I'll have to see if I can find some Xylitol.  My kids will wonder why I keep telling them to chew gum. :)    

  • Trident and Carefree gums now have xylitol in it, its easy to find at the checkout isle.

    fyi- the Gov puts Xylitol gums and snacks in our soldiers MRE's so they don't come back from the battlefields with so many tooth problems!!!!!


  • I wish I'd of known about this YEARS ago!   Thanks a ton!

  • stevia is another natural sweetener.  i haven't tried it yet, but have read tons about it...

  • I allow myself two to three packets of stevia per day. It's all natural and calorie free, so I can give it to the kids, too. Try it out!

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  • Where do you get stevia?  Grocery store or do you have to go to a health food store?  

  • I have bought Stevia at Health Food store and a Pharmacy. I add a wee sprinkle of it to at least one of my 2L jugs of water daily.

  • Interesting.  Sweetened water?  I was looking at the Crystal Light water bottle packets today.  They have one that is caffinated.  Sometime I just really miss my Diet Coke.  It would be nice to have a little flavor and pick me up every now and then. :)

  • I used to put just a sprinkle of Crystal Lite in my jug too at the beginning. You will either like or hate the taste of Stevia. It is something like 200X stronger than sugar - you seriously need flakes of it to sweeten alot of water. Just be aware that if sweet is a trigger for you, it may not be a good idea. Sweet is not a trigger for me, I just cannot stand plain town water. 2L plain, 2L stevia.


    Putting green tea bags in a jug of water is neat too. Or a dash of lemon.

  • You should be able to walk into Kroger (Food Lion) and get it. It should be with the regular sugar. The more popular brands are Truvia, Purevia and Sun Crystals. I've seen it at most grocery stores, but only recently.

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • i use stevia.

  • So is it more acceptable to use Stevia or Xylitol than Splenda?  I usually drink one or two glasses of green tea per day and have been using Splenda in it for a while.  Keep in mind I have not officially started BFL yet and am merely planning and getting foods ready at this point.  It would be great to know if I should officially expel Splenda from my recipes, drinks, etc. for the next 12 weeks, so please let me know what you all think.  Thanks in advance!

  • I like using Stevia because it is natural (it's made from a plant). I believe there is a brand name Stevia product called Truvia, that should be available at grocery stores. Trader Joe's has it too. Often it's in the supplements aisle. It comes in powder or liquid form and is much sweeter than sugar, so be careful when using it, it's easy to go overboard!

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