• I would love to have a go-to thread when I'm bored with food and can't come up with new ideas.  It would be even more helpful if Champions or at least long-timers could contribute.  Thanks!!!

  • Hi, Courtney -

    I am week 6, so not a long timer or champion.

    But, I have been experimenting with scrambled egg whites.

    - I will do a little olive oil in a hot pan.

    - Put in one chopped potato roughly the size of my fist, or cut a bigger potato in two and use one of the halves.

    - I will fry the chopped potato in the olive oil until lightly browned.

    - cook down mushrooms and baby spinach leaves.

    - While the potato is frying, I crack 4 eggwhites and one whole egg with yoke.

    - Add a little dash of 1% milk - 1/2 a cup.

    - Then there is a number of ways I go, and usually different every time with experimenting with different seasoning combinations.

    I always grind salt and grind pepper. I like lots of pepper.

    Sometimes Cayenne a dash or two.

    curry a dash or two.

    Lately I've been using basil, and dill.

    Sometimes a dash of rosemary.

     I then add chopped tomato over the top, half a sliced avocado, and 2 table spoons of plain yogurt over the top.

    You get the picture - getting familiar with the different seasonings, and which ones go good together.

    Everyone has different tastes, so discovering which ones work for me is fun, and tasty.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry