protein bars, shakes- hello sugar!!

  • Okay, maybe I am the only person that feels this way, but most of these protein bars and shakes are LOADED with sugar. Why are they still encouraged? I took to some low-sugar Atkins bars for a bit, but all the artificial junk made me sick and left a bad taste in my mouth. I would love some opinions; I haven't bought the Myoplex bars or shakes for this reason alone.


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  • Hi Katie,

    I always read the labels, and you just have to find the low sugar ones. Pure Protein and Detour bars have the lowest sugar that I've found. Myoplex is good too. I try to find anything with only 5g of sugar or less. It's always better to eat whole foods I think, but the shakes and bar do come in handy when you can't.

  • I use the Sci-Fit  100% Whey  Isolate powder.  No sugar, no aspertame.  Good stuff!

    Protein bars I only use in an emergency.  A Mypoplex light bar saved me today.   I got stuck in a meeting and it was past time to eat.  I had a bar in my purse and was able to eat it.  Otherwise it would have been another hour before I got food.  I don't think anyone would have wanted that! :)

  • katie

    the myoplex powder shakes have 1 gram of sugar ...I usually mix them in a blender with water and ice and nothing less than awesome.   they are also pretty cheap I buy a pack of 42 servings for 64 dollars online.  

  • Like another posted, for the bars I use pure protein with 2 grams of sugar or less. For the shakes I use 2 EAS products. Th EAS AdvantEdge protein shakes have no sugar. I also use a powder that only has 2 grams of sugar, EAS Premium Protein.

  • If you'll notice most bars contain "sugar alcohol" in addition to the sugars.  Keep in mind that sugar alcohols cause some folks gastrointestinal issues.  

    Bars are fine, but really whole foods are best, but that's not always an option .  I much prefer the shakes over bars.

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  • Okay, I keep seeing posts about high sugar in stuff. The bars, yes that is why I stay away from 'em.

    The shakes? My myoplex original RTD only has 2 g of sugar in the whole 17 fl oz. It has 20 g carb of which 6 g is dietary fiber. Not sure what the rest of the carbs are...?

    Point is, not a bunch of sugar there. Also a great protein at 42 g.

    Now the myoplex deluxe, that has waayyy too much sugar... but I bought two 36 packs for $60 each  before I realized so we are drinking it after weights, lol.

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  • so I just added cinnamon to my vanilla powder shake and Holy crap.  if you have an opportunity to try that out I definitely think it worth it.

  • I like the ~ quote in the BFL Text......"Its not what you do some of the time, its what you do most of the time"......that perspective gives me the freedom to try them when needed as mentioned in  other comments........I like you don't want to eat suger.  I typically stay away from all foods with sugar in the first 3 to 4 listed ingredients.

  • Great suggestions, all. Thanks. I have found an all-natural low sugar delicious vanilla protein at GNC.

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall