This Is Why I Adore EAS and Myoplex :D

  • So, a few days ago I posted on our team thread about Myoplex Lite being thick and chunky this time around. Lots of shaking did the trick. Afterwards, I went on with life as usual.

    Fast forward to today...the EAS Customer Relations team contacted me via the same thread and requested that I call to discuss something with them. It turned out that they were very interested in the 'chunkiness' of the Myoplex and recorded the batch number, as well as asked several questions regarding the situation. They even offered to send a reimbursement check, which I totally declined because far too many variables could have produced the altered state of the product (severe temperatures during shipping, the ninja zombie apocalypse, yada yada!)

    In summary, I have been and always will be hopelessly devoted to EAS and Abbot Nutrition. Their quality assurance and customer service service are out-of-this-world! Talk about a keeper. :D


  • It's nice to know that EAS is so good to their customers and were able to help you out so well. Thanks a lot for sharing, MK-Wildcherry.