Protein Shakes

  • Is it ok to mix fruit in with the protein shakes? I don't usually like protein shakes, and I was wondering if I could cover some of the taste with fruit, or if that would be to many carbs?

  • If you are dealing with a protein only powder, then a portion of fruit would offer up the perfect amount of carbs, providing that you mix the shake with water versus a caloric liquid. If the powder is a meal replacement option, then yes, far too many carbs with the addition of the fruit, even when mixed with water only. Hope that helps? :D

  • Yes  that does help, thank you

  • You are most welcome, my love. :)

  • How do you know if the protein powder is a meal replacement or if it is just protein powder?

  • Corndog: The nutritional information, and ingredients.  

    Myoplex Strength, for instance, has 25g of protein, 23g of carb, and is 210 calories

    compare that to

    Myoplex Whey having 23g of protein and 3g of carb, at 120 calories

    The Myoplex Strength is a meal replacement.  The whey needs an authorized carb to make for a BFL balanced meal.  

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  • Ok, thank you. I wanted to make sure I got the right  kind of protein powder to mix with fruit before I started.

  • When I am hungry, I will have an apple with Myoplex shakes.

  • An apple added to Myoplex is off-balance, because that's 2 carbs to one protein.  Myoplex is a complete meal.  

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  • Corndog - as long as you hit hour macro goals you can add it. Check out my thread on. Nutrition.

  • I was wondering that Mighty Max. Thanks for always be here for us newbies. 

  • You got it, Hugh.  For your 1st BFL Challenge, go BY THE BOOK.  Adjustments can be made later, but as Mike Harris so wisely taught us, tweaking the program tweaks results.  There's lots of information out there on nutrition, including my own.  It's known, for instance, that I consume more saturated fat, believing that's been beneficial for me.  I still say for your 1st... do what Bill says.  Then research, learn your body, adjust, do eliminations, etc.  No rule says the same thing all the time... FOREVER, but without consistency, how do we know?  Commit to 12 weeks of BFL, as written.  I especially wouldn't do 2 carbs to one protein while trying to lose weight.  It's actually suggested once at goal for the 1st 3 meals, but that's not the topic at hand.  Remember that it's not exclusively about macro-nutrients. It's about insulin regulation. 

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  • I'll be doing what Mighty Max told me and doing it by the book.  It's gotta be better than everything I've tried.  Wish me luck.  Thanks

  • Do y'all recommend any other protein besides eggs? For some reason when I eat them they make me very nauseous and ill.

  • Corndog: I'm confused.  Do you mean for a shake or in general?  Either way, yes. 

    My shakes are typically whey based.  At night I'm more inclined towards casein, and neither are egg derived. 

    For eating... chicken breast, shrimp, bison, and turkey are all staples of mine.

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!