Which EAS powder to buy?

  • So I have the following choices for a strength powder at my local store: EAS 100% Whey Protein, and EAS Lean 15.  I'm on Day 3.  My goals are to get strong with lots of lean muscle, and good definition.  I work out early in the morning - usually starting at 6am, and I want to use the drink to be my first meal within 30 minutes of working out.  Which powder would be the better choice for me considring what my goals and current stats are?

    My current stats:

    33 years old

    5'9" tall

    205 lb

    Body Fat - 30.8% as measured by Bod Pod

  • I really prefer the bars and pre-made shakes. It just makes things a lot easier than dealing with powder.

  • The powder is going to be easier than what I am currently doing - eating my first meal right in the locker room.  Messy and akward.  The bars and pre-made shakes are too pricy for me, hence my inquiry as to which powder is better.

  • I usually have my first meal at the gym as well.  Either powder should do the trick for you.  The lean 15 only has about 15 grams of protien so a male could use a bit more for a complete meal.  For either choice check the cabs and make sure there is enough in there. If there isint, i would add an apple to get some carbs.  The protien will absorb better.  If you stick with the lean 15 you may just need your next meal right at the 2 hour mark instead of waiting 3 hours.  If your main goal is to gain mass i would say you need more that 15 grams of protien after your workout.  Hope this helps.


  • I purchase my bars and shakes on Amazon. I get a 20 percent discount for regular monthly supply and the shipping is free.

  • Rach,

    Thanks for the advice.  I'll go with the 100% whey and add a banana since the whey version is light on carbs and potassium.


    I shop at the comissary on a military base, so it's cheap and no tax as well, but the one near me only has the powders, and those are the only two EAS powders they have.  They have plenty of others, just not EAS.