• Hi all

    I am in week 2 of my first BFL challenge (though it isn't a 'real' BFL challenge as I am in New Zealand and we can't enter) and I have a question - actually, I have hundreds, but I'll start with this one.

    I seem to be relying pretty heavily on eggs for protein servings (though I am not vegetarian) and I was wondering if BFL gives any guidelines (or anyone else knows of any) around the maximum number of eggs someone should eat in a day?



  • I don't think there is any real guideline to follow or rule of thumb for egg consumption in one day. However eggs are a fantastic food and I personally would eat 4 egg white and one whole egg each day in my B4L routine. I am also allergic to whey and relied on egg protein powder in my diet. So from personal experience I'd say just keep your servings in check and you shouldn't worry too much. I would definitely recommend sticking to a heavier egg white diet as well. Hope this helps, good luck on your transformation!

  • At 6gr of Protein per 1 large WHOLE egg, and with studies that show it is ok  to eat the whole egg  I would stick with 3-4 whole eggs per day, if that is truly what you want to do.  At 4 whole eggs, you are getting 24gr of Protein, add in some oatmeal, for your slow carbs, and a are good to go!!

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  • Thanks very much - that's helpful.