Are we allowed bags of chips on this programme?

  • It's just that I have a delicious recipe which is basically salsa mixed with cottage-cheese....then I just need a suitable carbohydrate to go with that. Chips would be perfect. (that's crisps in the UK) 

    But I'm not sure if they would be too high in fat for BFL? 

    Anybody read the nutrition bfl bk maybe that has the answer?

  • Chips should be for free day only.

  • What Dave said ^^^^

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  • I eat cottage cheese and salsa on Ryvita crackers.  Chips are way too high in fat.

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  • There may be some kind of chips that aren't too bad for you, like maybe multigrain, lightly salted tortilla chips, but honestly, I would forego them for the 12 weeks if you're seriously doing the challenge.

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  • Thanks guys for all your input. I think I was reading one of the nutrition articles the other day and it mentioned chips being only on free day... anyway I ran into this problem in the first place because there is no specific guide on the ratios of fat, salt etc. that we are supposed to eat. However having looked up that even the multigrain tortillas have 50% fat I think that's probably much too much so it makes sense why it should only be free day...

    Helcat those crackers are a great idea! I would be looking for some gluten free ones thought...

  • I would say on Free day and only in small amounts and try to get the more healthier ones (baked),  I didn't touch one for 12 weeks during my last challenge even on the free days.

  • You can try organic brown rice cakes or anything along granary bread toast or the like, very few only and up to 20 grams of carbs worth. But crisps/crackers are not allowed except on your free day.

  • brown rice cakes sounds like a good idea thanks alifeworthliving :) I guess crackers are not allowed because they are too high in salt? How did you get the number 20g of carbs, would that vary from person to person? Thanks