2-3 cups of red wine a week...will it slow down progress?

  • Red wine has a solid reputation for aiding digestion, reducing stress etc. I'm not in the habit or anything, but I think adding it to the programme could really help me to be healthier and happier.... However the Body for Life book does not mention wine or even alcohol....Does anybody know what effects alcohol and red wine in particular could have on results and whether there is any official body for life stance on this?

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    ps. I think caffein may be worse for you than red wine as it inhibits absorption of nutrients which is crucial in this programme...

  • Back in the day...they used to drink a beer after a day of weight training..for the calories, and some other benefits...lol.  

    Caffeine is used in weight training to give you some extra energy and in some programs is a viable source just for that purpose.  Like I say, research your supps before using them.  

    Alcohol, I can't say yea or neh to.  I am an alcoholic, so it is NOT in my best interest to indulge in it.  But, red wine is known to help with blood problems....again...do research.

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  • Alcohol increases acetate in your liver, and can slow your metabolism for up to 3 days.  Personally, it was my decision to refrain for the entire contest, including on free days, but certainly there are past champs who had an occasional glass of red wine.  

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  • Thanks for the above, it gave me some ideas, so I did a bit of research and found reputable information to say both that red wine increases and decreases metabolism! However more websites seem to say that red wine BOOSTS metabolism!...

    So overall I'm thinking of restricting my alcohol intake to just 1-2 small glasses 2-3 times a week or less. And only red wine as I believe it has the most positive health claims. Most of all I am going to go with how I feel. I have found recently that red wine  seems to help me with digestion and can help me get a better nights sleep.

  • Only you know what your goals are.  For the best results, you want your diet to be clean 6 day a week.  The more little exceptions you allow yourself, the slower your results will come (if they come at all.)  Only you can make that decision.  A large percentage of people starting BFL are here because they're overweight and fixing that problem requires sacrifice and willpower.  

  • Yeah I agree with you DaveND ! I just read that Emily Alvers, the past champion, didn't drink any alcohol at all....

  • Glad someone else asked the 'wine question'. I'm going to resist on non-free days, as much as possible. I started last week and had 2 glasses through the week (on non-free days). This week, so far, I have had none. That's a big change from before BFL! But I guess that is to be expected.

  • That's been the hardest thing about my BFL challenge!  I LOVE wine about as much as any one person does.  I'm currently training for the Court of Masters Sommelier (this will be my second Sommelier certification program) and training a few students as well.  It is my career and my passion.  But I feel that if I'm going to dedicate myself to 12 weeks of BFL I need to make sacrifices.  It is suggested to refrain from drinking (even on free days) for the length of the program for the best results, but as DaveND reminded, only you can make that decision.

    12 weeks seems like a long time to go without wine...but if someone like me can do it, ANYONE can!

  • Keep it omly for your free days.  That's what the free days are for.  Those of you who give it up for the whole 12 weeks...kudos.

    I know that I look forward to a couple of drinks on Saturday night so  made Saturday's my free days