Grams of carbs

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    I am following the BFL method of palm size for proteins and fist size for carbs. It's working great with no problems. Only today, I was faced with a situation where this way of measuring didn't work, and I'm anticipating several similar situation over the next two weeks. How many grams of carbs in a single meal are considered reasonable/enough to have? I mean to refer to the net carb content in the food, not the whole weight of a food considered generally a carb. erFor example if I have 100gm of watermelon, it has 20grams of net carbs, so i am after the number of the net carbs per single meal on average.

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  • A regular Myoplex, which is a meal replacement drink, has 18g of carbs so I base it off that.  I try to sit between 18 to 20g.  22g at most and not consistently.  15g or 16 g when I don't want quite as many.


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  • I notice that you posted back in Septemer. I am wondering if you stayed on the plan for the 12 weeks and if it worked for you and if you have any suggestions.