What is your food budget?

  • How much does it cost you per week to eat on this program? I'm starting next week, but it's looking intimidating....

  • Hummmm...I wish I knew...I have to buy for 5 adults every other week...guess I could try to break it down, but when college age kids eat your food cause it looks better than what they want...lol...hard to really price it out for me...Good luck with this question cause it have me curious too

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  • Hard for me to say, as well. The most expensive part is the meat - we buy exclusively locally raised grass-fed meats. We also have our own chickens for meat and eggs. Luckily, we have a Hispanic-oriented grocery store here which sells fruits and veggies for unbelievably low prices. I'm talking a out 2 pounds of avocados for 99¢, 3 pounds of plums for a dollar! It's wonderful. We also do a lot of shopping at Costco and save money there (bonus: they carry a lot of organics). It's worth cutting back in other areas, for us, to be able to enjoy good food. For example, we used to go to the movies a lot, now we just grab a couple 99¢ movies at Blockbuster. :)

  • Well, it runs me about $40-45 a week for just myself, a little extra if you count the protein powder.

    $15 a week for 2 tubs of cottage cheese and a tub of greek yogurt  (I use it to thicken my protein shakes) at Trader Joe's.

    $20-25 a week at Winco (cheapest grocery store we have in town) for a bag of chicken breasts, some cans of tuna, a few bags of frozen vegetables, and some fresh vegetables, a package of eggs, and a package of turkey bacon.

    $5 a week for a big bag of fruit at the Farmer's Market.

    Then at the beginning of the Challenge I ordered a big tub of EAS 100% whey protein off of Amazon for $55.

  • My purchases weekly for myself on program:

    Breakfast shake every morning

      1 container of eas soy protein powder(lasts about a week) at walmart $10

       Bag of kale and spinach $2.50

       Bananas $5

       Almond milk-2 cartons  $5

    Lunch options and Snacks

     Whole wheat tortillas low carb $3 (1 bag)

     Sara Lee 45 calories a slice bread -low carb $3 (1 loaf)

     Shredded cheese $5 (2 bags)

     Sliced cheese $2.50 (1)

     Deli sliced Sara lee oven roasted chicken breast-1 lb $10

     Eggs(for egg whites) $5 (2 dozen)


      Chicken breast, skinless boneless about $5 a package, I get about 5 a week, so $25, but Im feeding 3 other people, so if its just you, you could probably get away with 3, so about $15

      Brown rice, instant $3 (1 box)

      Whole wheat pasta $1.50 (1 box)

      Spagetti sauce $2

      Green enchilada sauce $2 (1 can)

      Family size icegerb lettuce mix $5 ( 2 bags)


       Maybe some protein bars about $5 a box ( 1 box should be about enough

    Free Day

      I didnt include because obviously that will vary.

    So youre looking at about $75 a week, $300 a month. You could probably cut some costs by shopping at Aldis and Save A Lots for some of the items.

    Hope this was helpful!