Eat For Life book?

  • Is Eat For Life cookbook worth buying? Im just not sure if I should get recipes from online or if I should go ahead and order the book on amazon. Wanted to get an idea of what people do on here, thanks

  • I have the cookbook and there are some good recipes in there.  Most of the meals aren't ideal for meals during a challenge period, but rather a maintenance period.  However, I've found that you can modify the meals they have in there to make them good for a challenge period.  But there's a dessert section in there, and unless you're making them on your free day, it's really useless during a challenge period.  However, I still think it's a good buy, because it gives you ideas of how you can switch up your meals and make tasty meals that are still authorized.  It's given me a variety of ways to cook chicken.  


  • Thanks. I was hoping someone would let me know what they thought about the book! Just ordered it!

  • Add my name to the Eating for Life fan club.  Like Mike said, a lot of the recipes are good for free day or maintenance (particularly desserts).  Still, I think Chicken Tuscany is out of this world great and definitely challenge worthy.  It also depends on how much fat you want to lose.  For someone just doing a tune up with just a few pounds to discard, I think you can get by with dinner from that book as long as you keep portions honest.  My husband makes the Chicken Enchiladas which are fantastic!  I'd skip recipes that call for pasta personally during a challenge.  Bon Appetit!

  • I got the book and I love it. Thanks for the great recommendations!

  • Thanks for bringing this up.  I have been getting bored with my food and I really need to get my meals more exciting.  Thanks again!