Whole foods, plant-based

  • So I am going to try to start this again... (Last time was about 2 years ago).  I am currently eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet.  No dairy. Very little meat (only about 3 times a month, if that much).  Has anyone tried to eat this way, working out with the BFL program?  I have not started the program yet. We are planning on beginning in a couple of weeks. I was just wanting to get things ready.  Thanks! :)

  • Hi, I am also plant based.  I don't eat any meat at all and very little dairy (occasionally cheese pizza with family once a month).  And I try to stay away from vegan junk too.  I am starting tomorrow!  I thought that I'd like to get things better organized and get stocked up, but if I tell myself that I probably will never start.  I'll probably eat scrambled curry tofu with kale and toast for breakfast, veggie burger and salad for lunch, and some sort of tempeh or tofu stirfry with brown rice for dinner.  And my snacks will be brown rice or hemp seed protein mixed with frozen fruit and water/or unsweetened almond milk.  For dessert, frozen banana blended with protein powder, pudding made from silk tofu with cocoa and a ripe banana, pudding made from avocado with protein powder and cocoa with stevia.  

    I'll try to post things as I go along.  I think that it will be tough and that people might discourage someone who wants to be plant-based, but I think that it can be done with a lot of planning.  I will utilize a lot of tofu, but no fake meats that have a lot of chemicals.  Oh, and I plan to utilize at least one serving of nutritional yeast a day.

  • About 5 years ago, I ate whole foods only, no  meat, no pop or juice, just water and sometimes milk. I lost 28 pounds in 6 weeks just from changing my diet.

  • Thanks Heather  J and sugarmama. :)  I have been pretty much whole food, plant-based for about 2 years now. Initially, I did lose some weight with no working out. However, as we know, our bodies adapt. Sooo.... I am needing to add in the workouts. ;)  Sugarmama, I wish I could use a lot of tofu, as you are planning on doing, however, I only find it to be "ok." Though my kids will eat it on occassion, that is the one thing my hubby draws the line at!  And I don't love it enough to want it more than a handful of times a year.

  • Are you ladies doing this?  I am just now trying to change my way of eating to 90% plant based, dairy free, gluten free and am worried about the workouts.  Any suggestions for me?  Maybe we could start a support group just for plant based BFL.



  • Hi there,

    This can be done there was a former Champion that did a plant based diet. You may want to check that out for ideas. I don't recall the name think it was a female. I think if you follow the plan and make adjustments when needed you will find succcess. If you all stay on this thread since it's already started. I would love to follow your journey. I am on a gluten free diet and have done a plant based diet for 3 months. What I found is that I didn't miss the meat go figure. I also lost abou 12 lbs. in the first 2 weeks and had so much energy that I stopped going to the gym. That wasn't the plan. I wanted to workout while on it but summer happened and I enjoyed it. I may try it again.

  • Hey guys,

    A plant based support group sounds great!!! It can be really difficult doing the plant-based thing because the program me doesn't really focus on this and thus there are hardly any recipes on the site or advice in the book. I am 100% plant-based, but I try not to eat soy because of the potential dangers that I have been hearing a lot about. Instead I eat cottage-cheese and eggs and protein shakes and bars as my source of protein. At first cottage-cheese was a bit of a chore to eat....But now I am ADDICTED to cottage cheese, I love it!!! I want to eat it ALL the time.

  • Galina - please share your cottage-cheese-loving-secrets! Lol. I liked cottage cheese as a kid, but my grandma always forced me to eat a lot of it - and that's where it all went wrong!! Once she started doing this, I hated it and haven't been able to eat it since. It's like a little food demon in my mind. I've had some in my fridge since starting BFL and haven't been able to bring myself to even try it!! Terrible, I know!

  • Chelsea.......ok! So if you don't like cottage-cheese I would first recommend trying 'tvorog' it's a russian version of cottage cheese and has a different both flavour and texture, it's also a super-food. I am currently trying to make some at home from buttermilk and milk!

    Ok, so I have found that different brands and fat percentages taste different .....so try the different ones..... Cottage-cheese in america seems to taste different too.... I would try putting it into a burrito with an egg or without and then you will hardly taste it at all it will just add creaminess.... By far the most delicious way to eat it is the cheese-cake recipe in Eating for Life book! I mix cc with yoghurt which completely alters the flavour, add a few raspberries and wow you have some kind of dessert. Mix cc and salsa for a quick dip. Try cc on your baked potatoe topped with sour-cream. (the sour-cream tastes like you've put butter on the potatoe! it may also if mixed with the cc completely alter the flavour and texture of the cc....)

    I would love to hear how you get on with the above if you decide to try it!

  • Thank you so much for the tips, Galina!! Now I'm excited to try cottage cheese when I'm back in Ireland since you say it's different... :)