I can't finish my meals

  • So my issue is that I can't finish the entire meal, it's the snack part that I have trouble finishing. I only get 15 minute breaks at work and I can't eat it all. For my snacks I made the golden pancakes and baked it instead. I divided it into 3 servings instead of 2 but I'm still having trouble eating it all. Any ideas for a quick sack that's fast to eat? Thanks.

  • Shakes and bars! My typical bad eating habits were that I waited all day to eat because I didn't want anything, felt too worn out to cook by the time I started feeling a little hungry, an then hunger would hit me and I could not feel full fast enough. I swear by the protein shakes and bars, they have eliminated this habit for me. The thought of pancakes or a chicken breast and a pile of carrots in the afternoon is not appetizing. And I hate the tired feeling from a full tummy trying to digest food mid-day. The thing I like about the shakes is that you can put the cap back on the shake and put it in the fridge if you only want half. Then a half hour later you can finish the rest in a matter of seconds and you will feel nourished. Plus you can put a protein bar in your pocket and its a lot easier to take a bite if you need to.

  • Just a thought but how about some quick to eat approved fruit as well, like a handful of grapes, or sliced apples or pineapple chunks in pineapple juice to go. Might help on the carb front.  How about some string cheese low fat sticks as well??

  • Golden pancakes? Wtf?

    Eat your meals man. It's simple. Stop eating. Pancakes lmao

  • I haven't been on this site in awhile and realize now why I don't miss it.  Charlie, your criticism and attitude are not appreciated here. Take your misery somewhere else!!  I eat protein pancakes everyday and am more fit than ever!!

    baconator:  if you feel you can't finish then don't force it.  Eat what you can and be done.  You can always save the rest for later.

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