I saw this show a few months back. It's called "Secret Eaters" and it's about people who are overweight but don't understand why because they feel like they have a good diet. This show is a must see for anyone who feels like they eat right but are seeing no progress. At the time I saw the show, I had been doing BFL for 2 months and had kept very honest detailed records of everything I ate. The first week I started, I wrote down what I ate but didn't really look at it until the end of the week. I was like "omg I could be doing better" and I really made sure to eat right so I could look at my records and feel good about it. I refused to be dishonest with myself and it made a world of difference. This show really describes how I was before I made that change.

It might help people see their patterns, but it is also VERY informative and helpful about the simple facts of eating right. It can help anyone understand calories, the amount of calories in everyday food, and how many is just too many. It is good at showing simple little things people commonly add to food that can double the calories. Whether or not you are a "secret eater", I think a lot of people could benefit from watching an episode of this show.