Are you your own worst enemy?

  • What I want to do I don't do and what I don't want to do I do. Sound familiar? Yeah, the story of my life so it seems.

    The biggest challenge we will all face is the one with our own mind. Remember, you don't have to be a slave to your own mind or emotions? Who is in charge of your life? Is it your feelings, or you?

    And if you do slip up, don't beat yourself up over it, and for pete's sake, don't start over! I've been at this off and on for over 14 years and I have started and stopped more challenges then I can even count. And it's all been because I have in my mind this idea of the "perfect" challenge. Guess what? The only "perfect" challenge is the one where you finish what you started, regardless of what happens along the way.

    Too often, we slip up and then beat ourselves up and then we quit, not realizing that if we had just gotten back on track right away, that little "slip up" really wouldn't have done us any harm. But, where we do ourselves harm is when we say, "oh what the heck, I'll just make it a Free Day and that turns into two Free Days and three Free Days and so forth, until we've blown an entire week. So, then we say, we'll I just start fresh again next Monday.

    Stop it!

    So, stop stopping. Don't beat yourself up  and keep going! This is no excuse to have cheats all the time, but modern research has shown that those "slip ups" are actually good for your peace of mind and metabolism.

    So, stop letting your emotions, excuses, problems, namely yourself from getting in YOUR way and your success!

  • I'm not giving up!! I got on the scale this morning, first thing and the number finally hit the 150 mark which for me is motivation enough. I have been teetering between 160-155 for months and was never able to get to 150 before this program. Granted its my first week and I have been drinking a TON of water so some of that could be water weight but I look and FEEL great!!! So I am in for the long road, or a lifer I should say. Just the feeling is enough to keep me going. I am even getting up easier in the morning wheras before I was always sluggish after hitting the snooze 10 times.

    I was only asking about the diet soda because I want to follow the program. I am going to make free day only half a day but trust me when I say I have already been planning it!!!

    Thanks for the support!!

  • Great job! And I totally didn't mean to post this in reference to what you had posted. It's a common thing as I've been seeing alot lately frustrated  with not being able to have a perfect challenge. I'm speaking to myself here too as I've done this so much my self over the past 14 years.

    Congratulations on breaking that barrier! Keep up the great work, trust the plan and watch how it works. :)