smart balance light mayo anyone?

  • Just wondering if anyone has heard of this or used it. I had already bought it before starting this program (end of first week now) I have been using less than a tablespoon about once a day on either a turkey burger or chicken sandwhich. It says omega 3's, no trans fat light on it. Then I thought it might not be a good idea without checking it out first. I have used it 3 times this week but only because I was out of mustard. I can give it up if need be but maybe someone else knows if it is ok?

  • It also says on it plant sterols which I don't know about either. For now I am skipping it and just going with a little mustard on my sadnwiches but would love to know if anyone thinks the smart balance light would be ok

  • I used it my first challenge just fine a few yrs back.  As long as you are keeping it to that serving, I don't think it is awful!