Snacking throughout the day

  • I often feel hungry thoughout the day. I feel like I do not get enough food and calories from the BFL diet for a physically demanding job lifting things, A LOT of walking around buildings, and other activities. Can I snack on things throughout the day on berries, or almonds, pumpkin or sunflower seeds and things like that to help?

  • I would avoid snacking.  If you're getting your 6 meals in, then I'd concentrate on making sure they're good sources of protein and carbs and add some veggies.  Also, if it's your first week or two, you may still be in the adjustment stage.  I was hungry for the first couple of weeks of my first challenge but once I got used to eating better it went away.

    Good luck!

  • Be sure to drink the recommended amount of cold/water a day and that will also help curb the appetite and cut down on the snacking desire as well. Be sure you're not cutting too many carbs out of your meal and having some protein with them if possible each time. Best wishes to you in your efforts!!'

  • If you are hungry so much, I wonder if you simply aren't eating enough. If your daily activity level is higher than a BFLer who is, say, a computer programmer, that will change your nutritional and caloric needs too. You may want to get on a site like and just log all your food intake for a couple of days, and see if you simply are not consuming enough. Also opt for high-fiber, micronutrient rich food like fresh vegetables, whole grains, and the like over bars and shakes. I found those didn't carry me through on days when I was on the go, whereas whole food meals did.