Fitting it all in?

  • So far my problem hasnt been feeling hungry, its been eating all my meals. Normally I can get about 5 in a day, but yesterday I only had 4. I know thats not good, and I definitely didnt have as much energy yesterday as other days on the challenge. But seriously, how do you do it??? I eat at home, I eat in the car, I eat while researching, i eat while on the train to school...but I still consistently come up a meal short. My days are long too, but my schedule doesnt always allow for properly timed meals. I just dont want this absurd problem to be the thing that derails me. I dont *feel* deprived, and Im not constantly hungry.  I just worry that this is actually bad for me. Ideas, thoughts, suggestions? Should I maybe have a larger meal at some point ( as in a portion and a half of something?)?

  • I have the same problem, usually only get to around 5 meals. Part of my problem is that sometimes I will be able to fit in a meal about 30 min or so before I go to bed but I don't like eating that close to when I'm going to go to bed and I hate eating late. I always thought it was bad to eat late at night anyway...hopefully someone can help us out!

  • I have noticed the same thing, I went over my food diary and Ive only been having 5 meals a day! No wonder Im so hungry in the evening! trying to get a small snack in, but as above I don't like eating just before bed!