So in the right portions this is a great meal packed full of protein, little fat and the right amount of carbs.

You will need:

1) one sweet potato (cut into half rounds)

2) one red bell pepper (diced into large cubes)

3) two chicken breasts (sliced into 1 1/2" cubes)

4) one can of rotel (or canned tomatoes with chili's)

5) two TBSP's of peanut butter (100% natural)

6) two TBSP's of curry powder

7) three cloves of garlic (gradded)

8) cumin seeds or powder

9) a pinch of salt

In a nonstick skillet throw your chicken breasts in and add just a touch of EVOO  (extra virgin olive oil) and garlic, let them cook for five mins, or until the outside is completely done. after that add about 1/4 a cup of water, and add your sweet potatoes. place lid over skillet so that it's vented and let the potatoes cook for a good five mins.

after most of the water has evaporated add your can of tomatoes, cumin and curry powder. Let this cook for 7 or so mins.. or until your sweet potatoes are completely done. After most of the water is evaporated you can add your two peanut butter to the skillet (allow the peanut butter to  warm up and melt before mixing).

You can serve this on top of a bed of brown rice.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! let me know what you think!