Eating for Life Recipes

  • I started the challenge yesterday and feel that I’m doing everything per the BFL instructions.  I do however have some questions and concerns regarding some of the recipes in the book Eating for Life.  I love the aspect of making dishes such as the Chili or Chicken Rice Soup and using the leftovers from such dishes to cover my lunch for the remainder of the week.  While soup style dishes makes meal planning relatively easy, I’m concerned regarding the amount of sodium in the dishes and their ability to retain water.  Is that something I should not be worried about when completing BFL or perhaps something I should only worry about a few weeks prior to week 12?  Should I consume those types of dishes occasionally rather than daily?  Like many of you, I’m looking to make the greatest change in 12 weeks without limiting myself to chicken and broccoli.  Any insight is appreciated.


  • Hi Nick,

    Most of the ingredients can be found in "low sodium" versions.  Those are the items that I use.  Keep in mind that fresh veggies contain way lower sodium content than canned.  I never had any problems finding enough low sodium recipes/foods to keep my meals interesting.

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45

  • Thanks Kerry... I just wanted to be sure I'm doing everyting right.  I would hate to find out six weeks into the program that I was doing something wrong...  Thanks again...