Cafeteria is my only (real) option

  • As a college student and a Resident Adviser to a building of 76 freshman, I do not get the luxury of a kitchen. 
    I get by mainly on cafeteria (part of my job stipend), my mini fridge and microwave.

    Things to look for/look out for in cafeteria?
    Teach me the ways of healthy microwave cuisine!!!


  • Hi!  Okay..  I haven't eaten in a cafeteria in many MANY years...  but I can help out with the room food.  :)  First though, I need to ask a few questions.  1.  What type of grocery budget do you have for say a week outside the cafeteria?  2.  Do you have any expendable income to buy a kitchen type gadget?



    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45

  • Very small budget. I don't really have set budget but keeping it little! I don't have much space to put food.

    Protein powder and energy bars are setting me back quite a bit.

    What are some cheap and healthy things I can get and make on my own without kitchen?


  • Ok..  if you could afford $70, I would tell you to buy a Nuwave mini.  It is an infrared cooker that you SHOULD be able to keep in the dorm.  It makes delicious chicken, veggies, etc all at once.  My brother sent me a full size one for Christmas last year and I put it in the closet thinking it was just another gimmick piece of junk.  When we started the challenge, I dug it out and tried it and it is AMAZING.  It cooks frozen chicken breast perfectly in about 18 minutes.

    Okay...  here are a few ideas..  

    1.  whenever you are in the cafeteria, grab an extra serving of chicken breast "to go".  Keep salad mix in your fridge and have a chicken salad.

    2.  White tuna, lettuce, tomatoes and some shredded baby carrots on a whole wheat tortilla..  a' la' tuna wrap.  :)

    3.  PB2 (powdered peanut butter..  I like the chocolate version) on half an apple.

    4.  cottage cheese and greek yogurt with berries.

    5.  baked (nuked) sweet potato with greek yogurt and canned low sodium chicken breast (you can even mash the potato if you prefer)

    6.  Spaghetti squash (nuked) with low sodium diced tomatoes.

    That should get you started!

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45