Lunch, too much!

  • I ate a huge portion of nuddles, chicken and biff. I guess it was too much. My 4 week and I was hungry. I have my free day this saturday and I am dying to get there! Ii it ok that I ate once like that? I usually don't but I was out with a college and .....I ate! Bad bad boy! Or is it ok? It is my running day today I will do my 20 min. I ate vegetable, eggnuddles, chicken and biff. Is it ok?

  • Whether it is ok or not, it's in the past.  Leave it there and move on.  Try to save it for your free day in the future.  I am not familiar with biff, but egg noodles are white processed noodles, so not ok.  Try whole wheat or brown rice noodles instead. Congrats getting to week 4. Plan your meals ahead so you are not getting too hungry and tempted to overeat.  As you progress in the program, you may need to eat a bit more, just make sure you make good clean choices.  Good luck!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"