Question on Eating Patterns/Portion Sizes...

  • Ok. So I guess it's time for me to be honest. I'm getting married in a year, and this weight loss will be the single toughest thing I've ever tackled in my life. I've done Body for Life before - but on about the 4th week, I had to stop because I was not eating enough and felt hungry & lightheaded throughout the day - and yes, I even went to the doctor to make sure that I wasn't diabetic or something else - all tests came back perfect, it was because the portion sizes I ate simple weren't filling, I was hungry!. I know Body for LIfe works, I saw the muscle results, but I can't seem to understand what the Body for Life book and Eating for Life book means when it asks me, "Am I eating the right amounts?" (pg. 67 - Eating for Life) I know I can eat right, I even weight out exactly 6 ounces of fish, etc. but what do I do to overcome the fact that I need portion sizes that won't make me so hungry all day long? I really want to do Body for life - and I'm getting married soon. I surely don't want to be the largest groom in the world, and I'm scared to death that's what's going to happen. Help! 

  • I don't really know what to advise as a 5ft female I'm not struggling with that. Can you not bulk up your portions a little? I'm sure that you will still lose the weight. Are you drinking lots of water as that will fill you up. When I did BFL earlier in the year I was hungry to start but found that my stomach shrunk so much so that I couldn't eat a whole meal on free days.

    I'm sure someone else will be able to offer some expert advice. Nothing worse than being hungry.

  • It might be helpful to see what a "typical" day was for you during the Challenge.

    Also, not sure if you ate a lot of vegetables but hat is something you can always increase. The fiber in them is an effective, healthy way to feel fuller longer. Add more fresh vegetables to your meals, every day. And go beyond just easy vegetables like carrots or lettuce; have beets, kale, chard, peppers, cabbage, celery, and so on. The book says you can really eat as many vegetables as you want, and to have them at least 2x daily.

    If you aren't logging your food through something like MyFitnessPal I'd recommend you do that... it helped me just get a solid visual on what I was eating. I ignored the nutritional info and simply used it as an easy, convenient journal.

    I also find peppermint tea can be helpful; if I eat a meal and still feel hungry I will drink a 16oz cup made with 2 tea bags and be good to go until the next meal. Plus it's excellent for your digestive health.

    Hope that helps give you some ideas.

  • If you are feeling lightheaded, you need more food! Everyone is different and while we all want to follow the plan to a "T", you may need slightly more carbs or protein than the average person. I have a rule I set for myself. If I feel famished and about to raid the pantry, something is off. I am either eating off balance (a.e. too many carbs, hidden sugar, etc) or I am not eating ENOUGH. The following has worked for me: If I feel that way (overly hungry, craving, light headed, TIRED - a big one for me...) I start with the following in this order. 1: DRINK A HUGE glass of water. Thirst is often masked by what we think is hunger. Especially if you are following the workouts, you need to drink ALOT. 2: If that doesn't work, I have either an apple or a few whole wheat crackers to see if that gets me to the next meal. 3: Finally, if I still feel unsatisfied, I have a small amount of nuts - almonds, a FEW walnuts AND/OR a 100 calorie yogurt. The fat will often satisfy me. If you have alot of weight to lose, the above is not going to kill your diet or BFL. Being hungry or lightheaded CAN kill your metabolism...and stall your weight loss. You have to keep the engine burning and trick your body and NOT let it think it is starving. The above is working GREAT for me. In the past, I would not eat enough, and then hit the pantry and eat handfuls of Crispix, or WORSE - go for the candy and sweets. Now I have an aresenal of options (the above 3 I listed). They work GREAT. The most important thing is you need to find a way to continue a healthy lifestyle BEYOND the 12 weeks of BFL. It has to fit your LIFE moving forward. BFL can be a great platform to do that, but no one is perfect - I personally needed the above "coping options" to turn to, so that I don't turn to the wrong things. (just like a smoker needs to chew gum). The above won't blow it for you. Finally, make sure you see your doc if the light headedness continues. Good luck!!!

  • Thank you all for these suggestions! If anyone has any more, feel free to post them, I'm going to constantly monitor this board for such suggestions!

  • Really can't help without seeing your eating schedule and the portion sizes you're eating.  Can you post a typical day of meals with times?

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hi There.

    I need some help in regards to portion sizes.  I am on Day 11, and have only lost 2 lbs.  I have been following the food menu/ exercise plan very closely and am wondering if maybe I have my portion sizes wrong and maybe need to eat more?

    I have been eating the 6 meals a day, but last 2 days only had 5 meals.

    here are are few of my menus that I have been eating...

    I work night shift, so my breakfast meal starts around 1-3 pm and then every 2-3 hours following eating last meal by 2 am

    Exercise - whatever the day calls for

    Breakfast : 1 C 1% milk, 1 scoop protein Iso ( 102 cal)  handful strawberries/ or 1 slice multigrain bread, 1 egg and 2 egg whites with 1 tbsp ketchup sometimes.  glass of water

    snack; 1 apple, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 C water

    Lunch:  1 Slice multigrain bread, 1 tsp ff mayo, 1 tsp cranberry sauce ( homemade), 3 oz chicken breast, i leaf lettuce and 1 large carrot  glass of water

    snack: same as above, or 1/2 C cottage cheese 1% and handful strawberries

    Supper:  3oz chicken breast, 1/2 C br. rice or( 1/2 baked potato med size) 1-2 Cups veggies - cauliflower/broccoli.  water

    Snack:  same as one of the previous or 1/3 C oatmeal with scoop protein powder and water

    Have drank some peppermint tea and coffee black or with 1 sweetner and one milk in it.

    I think I am averaging around 1200calories... is this too few?  are my portion sizes too small?

    Please help, any info would be much appreciated.  In the book all i saw for portion sizes was the size of  your palm or size of closed fist.