How to cook Dinner for a Family doing Body for Life?

  • How do I stay on my BFL plan and cook for my family of 4?  I feel like a short order cook trying to accommodate them to make sure they are full and to stay on the BFL plan for me.  It is hard when one doesn't eat salad and another doesn't eat fish.  Help!  Meal planning is the hardest part for me because I am not just cooking for myself.

  • The Eating For Life Recipe book is awesome. I've used it for 10 years and my kids (also a family if 4) grew up on many of the meals. They like them more than casseroles and other dishes.  You have to remind yourself you are eating this way to be healthy and they should as well (regardless of current weight).  It is important for them to learn to take care of their bodies right along with you.  My family definitely enjoyed complaining :) but they ask for those meals now! I bet you can find it on Amazon inexpensively.

  • I don't have a full family but found cooking for myself + husband challenging too... he likes lots of carbs and fatty meats and is still skinny as a rail, darn him.

    Some ideas:

    Cook a whole chicken, then take the skin off the breast meat and keep that for yourself.

    Buy a box of pre-mixed salad or baby greens, so you can just throw a clump of greens onto your own plate and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic.

    If you want fish, just buy a small portion for yourself and throw it in the oven in the last 15 minutes of cooking dinner. A 4-5oz piece of salmon will cook through pretty quickly on a square of aluminum foil.

    Embrace the idea of quick dinners... if the family wants something specific like burgers or manicotti then cook it but make yourself a salad with a can of tuna thrown on top. Max additional time of 5 minutes.

    Or, just tell em to tough it out! If they want you to be around and at your best, they can adjust for 12 weeks... YOU are working WAY harder than they are at making a change! And who knows, you could use this as a vehicle to steer your kids away from junk food and put them on a path to not only eat, but enjoy and appreciate healthy, clean eating.