Help with Shakes!

  • I am starting the BFL Challenge..unofficially starting 12/31.  I usually have this shake for breakfast:  1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 banana, 1c of blueberries, a handful of spinach, a tablespoon of flaxseed and 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder.  How can I make this a meal?  Do I need to add protein powder to this?

    Also, Is lunch meat okay for ham?  If it is 97% fat free?  I typically do not eat a lot of meat, and am having trouble with protein.  I do love Nonfat Plain Greek yogurt as i will consider that a protein and not a carb.

    My main goal is to lose fat and tone my whole body.



  • You need protein so that the body can repair itself from the micro damage. Even if you are toning, it is still needed. So yes, especially in the morning shake, add protein powder.  It isn't much protein per meal, but I'm assuming that you're doing the frequent feeder program to kick your body out of famine mode, and into plenty (feast) mode. Remember, it allows the body to burn more calories, instead of storing it up.

  • Hi Sicu,

    For the shake sub out the cocoa powder with chocolate protein powder and you're all set! You could also look at possibly subbing out the almond milk with water but if it's unsweetened there is a nominal amount of change there.

    I too consider plain Greek yogurt a protein, I generally pair it with berries or 1/2 apple or piece of whole wheat bread.

    Lunch meat is fine, though I'd recommend you go for meats that are all-natural and uncured (no nitrates or nitrites). I ate quite a few deli turkey and ham sandwiches on my Challenge, it was an easy way to build a good lunch, though you have to watch your sodium intake with those sometimes.

    To keep your protein high, you could also look at having more protein-rich carb items like beans and quinoa and brown rice, get Kashi GoLean cereal (the plain has 13g protein per cup), look for a high protein wheat bread (I get Dave's Killer Bread which has 6g protein per slice!), and also get plenty of non-meat protein sources like cottage cheese and egg whites added into your diet to supplement yogurt and shakes.

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