New Recipes

  • So I have been using the Eating for Life book for a while now. I love most of the recipes. I am looking for additional recipes to use now but cant seem to find a good place that has good recipes. The recipes list on the Body For Life website I think has a few that have 3 out of 5 stars but that is the highest the recommendations go. Are the reviews for the recipes incorrect? I am looking for recipes that have reviews of 4 or 5 stars can someone point me to a good location for some?

  • Personally, I have really enjoyed several of the recipes I've tried from this website. I'm eating the chicken and rice soup right now for lunch.  

    Here are the recipes I've tried and thought were good: Chicken and rice soup, spicy scrambled eggs (I also do my own version of this using different ingredients - 2 C sauteed spinach, garlic, crushed red pepper, and egg whites/ 1 whole egg), French toast, taco salad, and the Asparagus/tomato/chicken/penne pasta.

    I also just make a lot of fairly simple things with few ingredients and have enjoyed them.  Often I'll bake a chicken breast using salt free Mrs Dash for seasoning, and have either plain brown rice or a plain red potato for the carb, along with plain broccoli or other veggie on the side. Or for breakfast I'll have regular scrambled eggs with a slice or two of whole grain, dry, toast.

    Other than that, I haven't found too many other BFL recipes. Oh wait, Emily Alvers' website has a few BFL recipes and I've tried a couple like the Ooey Gooey Pasta (however I'm not so sure it's BFL 'approved').  That pasta was delicious though. :)

    Good luck and I hope you find some recipes you enjoy!

  • Do you have a pressure cooker? The pressure cooker has changed my life! I will put chicken or lean pork or the BFL approved lean steak in with unsalted chicken broth, a bunch of roughly chopped onions and then dried onion flakes (found in seasoning section of grocery store). It cooks for about 20 minutes. Then I put it on top of quinoa or brown rice. SO much flavor and SO delicious! I have also cooked it with barley in the cooker along with the other ingredients. Minimal preparation and clean up, DELICIOUS and flavorful. And healthy!