Proper Food Combining (repost)

  • This is C1W3D1 for me.

    Two things I am trying to do this week.

    #1 - get more sleep. Getting to bed earlier has been a challenge for me, and I am noticing it.

    The other thing I am doing in light of proper food combining is, if the protein is acidic ( all meat is acidic), then I use a carb that is alkaline (sweet potato is alkaline as well as most green vegetables). But, not all complex carbs are alkaline, a lot of them are acidic.

    There are also a table of foods that are neutral. (you can google the acidic, alkaline, and neutral food tables)

    Not to say you have to do that for all meals (All though we should). I try to do it w/ two or three of the meals for the day.

    The human body when PH balance is alkaline, does not allow an environment for cancer, or tumors to grow. If there are existing tumors or growth, they merely become dormant. There is no cure. But, "an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure."

    Why is this not common knowledge?

    The FDA, and medical/pharmaceudacal interest in cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry. You figure it out.

    The other thing is water. We increase our water intake a 100 percent or more. Tap and bottled water is acidic.

    You can buy acid/alkaline test strips for really cheap, and even cheaper on line. You can use this strip to test yourself by placing them under your tongue, and test food and water with them as well.

    There are a couple of alkaline water purifiers on the market to hook up to your sink, but are quite spendy. 900 and up. My parents, and my inlaw parents both bought  them, so I go over w/ a 3 gallon jug and load up.

    The benefits of proper food combining that I noticed in me is, certain foods that would sit heavy in my stomach almost all day/night, just don't anymore. Also, I don't get acid indigestion like I used to.

    It just stands, that, if the digestion process doesn't have to work as hard processing improperly combined foods, then it will digest quicker and cleaner - aiding nutrients and trace elements of chromium and other vital compounds to be extracted and utilized, and your system won't get bogged down - drained of energy trying to metabolize with a heavier work load.

    Any way, thats my 2 cents for the day.

    Have a great day!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Very interesting!  I have heard of the benefits of the "right combinations"  of food but I really didn't know why or understand how it works in our bodies.  Thanks for posting.