Week 10 - STARVING???

  • Hi Everyone,

    Things have been going great with the Challenge but suddenly it's week 10 and I am STARVING! I'm eating exactly what and when I am supposed to (practically straight from the BFL book). Is this happening to anyone else? I read that a lot of changes happen the last 2 weeks - is my metabolism up or something? My question is - should I do anything about it? Should I add in another snack or snack on celery or something?

    Thanks! -Mandy

  • Yes, this is normal. I remember being the same way.  I felt famished the last two weeks.  Your body is in full force fat burning mode!!  I ate more the last two weeks, I just made sure it was clean food.  I remember adding a full meal on most days, and on others just drinking a casein shake or eating some cottage cheese before bedtime.  Good job getting so close to the end of your challenge.  I will be anxious to hear your results!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Whew! I am so happy to hear that, thank you! I was afraid I would ruin some progress if I added more food to the day but those are great suggestions. Thank you so much!