Protein powder vs. Myoplex?

  • Hi all!  I am starting the challenge and I bought eas lean protein powder instead of Myoplex by accident. I have had a lot if success with Myoplex in the past so I was kind of bummed but I threw out the receipt and can't return the powder. Anyone know what I can add to the powder to make it similar to myoplex (nutrition wise). I feel like its not a meal replacement if I just have the powder. Thanks! Mandy

  • Hi Mandy,

    The Lean Protein powder will take care of the Protein portion of a meal for you.

    All you need to do is eat a Carbohydrate fist sized portion portion whenever you drink your protein powder/shake. So for your carbs you might eat some brown rice with vegetables, or some brown bread, or some low fat cereal etc.

    I use protein power, and I tend to use it for the meals in between what I would class as my "breakfast", "lunch" and "dinner".

    E.g. I'll have cereal and Cottage Cheese for breakfast, then my next meal will be a protein powder drink with an apple. Then I'll get lunch (e.g. turkey sandwich with salad), then I'll have another protein powder shake with say a peach or banana after that etc.

    The protein powder is perfectly good as long as you add a fist sized serving of carbs to it (plus veggies if you wish to) to make a complete meal.  

  • Wonderful! Thank you so much for the help. I think I will like this better because I'll feel like I'm eating more food :) Thanks again!

  • The Lean 15 is not purely protein so you shouldn't add a portion of carbs.  You might add a small amount, like a few berries, but not a full portion.  It's 11 in carb and 15 in protein for 1.  Have two scoops and call it a day. 

    Also, I don't think that cereal of any kind or bread is a good option.  Well... I don't think those are good options ever, but especially post workout when you want quick delivery.

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  • Oh I didn't realize it had carbs. PROBABLY should have read the label. I thought it was protein only since it is just labeled protein powder. Well, good to know that. Thank you!