Hiking and Nutrition - Should anything change?

  • My wife and I enjoy hiking. Our favorite hiking trail takes 3 hours and often forces us to climb over rocks. We only do it once a week and not every week. On the days we do it we have decided to maintain our exercise routines unchanged but we are not sure about what to do regarding meals. Should we add extra servings to our diet in those days? and if so how many and what type (protein or carbs)? We thank everyone for your help and responses!

  • When I do long hikes, I always add extra carbs.  You'll have to experiment on amounts; I will often take a banana and granola bar or protein bar, and that seems to be enough.  As you know, just drink a ton of water, and listen to your body; if you are hungry, eat more!!  You need it to fuel your hike.

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  • Thank you for your reply. I will do exactly that!

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