• Hi guys,

    I'm new to the Body for Life community, I just started the program today and I thought it was great, however since I am a coffee drinker I felt a little tired in the mid afternoon and I've been drinking hot water instead but without the jolt, i felt a little incomplete. So my question is, are we allowed to drink coffee in the program?

    I am not planning to drink moccha, cappucinno or those nice fancy (but tasty) coffees, I'm a regular houseblend type of guy with splenda and creamer so calorie wise I felt that wont affect my progress much but I wanted to stick to the program. I dont think the book mentioned anything about coffee. Your help is much appreciated. Take care and Good luck, we can do this!!! :)


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    Hatake Kakashi

  • Hatake- Go for it! I'm having mine right now, I put a bit of ff creamer and one thing of splenda in mine as well. Just for every cup you drink, make sure you add an extra glass of water...

    Welcome to the program! It's great! :)

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  • Try to drink decaf if you can. Caffeine is a dehydrator which isn't the most healthy thing for your body.

  • I drink anywhere from 2-4 coffees per day, every day with milk and sweetener.  As mike said, it's a diuretic so drink extra 8oz of water per coffee.  You'll find yourself in the bathroom more often than if you didn't drink coffee(every 45 mins for me), but it's worth the price of admission in my opinion.

  • I thought I read in the book that for every cup of coffee, drink a cup of water. This is what I do. Melissa

  • Hey Hatake....If Coffee was not allowed I would be down for the count....I did however start switching coffee with green tea every other morning. It's not the same, but it does more than hot water... I don't put anything in my green tea, but I also like my coffee black. A drop of honey is an awesome way to sweeten your green tea if you like it that way!

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  • I drink coffee with splenda and no cream.  In fact someone can pry the coffee cup out of my cold dead fingers some day.  

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  • Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate all the information, it was very helpful. This community ROCKS!!!! :)

  • Well, since coffee is a diuretic (dehydrator), I drink a glass of water after every cup. However, as soon as I wake up in the morning, I've refrained from going straight for the coffee and I make a glass of Gatorade first. After I drink the full glass of Gatorade, I go for the coffee. Than after I drink more Gatorade, and the rest of the day, I drink water.

    Since you are already dehydrated everytime you wake up in the morning, I suggest drinking a full glass of water or Gatorade first thing, than go for the coffee. Also, it's such a reward after drinking water or Gatorade, than going for what you REALLY want...the coffee...and still knowing you're doing your kidneys more good than bad by not going straight for the coffee haha

  • Coffee is one thing in life I can never give up.  And I need to have it with real half and half and real sugar.  I wont compromise, and I'd rather give up other things.  I only have one cup every morning, but it's something I look forward to when I wake up.  Tea, hot water, cocoa, you name it, is just not the same for me.  I dont think it's the worst thing in life to indulge in.  While I dont argue all the science behind the dehydrating effects of coffee, that fact that it's a legal stimulant, etc, I just like it in my life.  I can also say that there was a time I only drank decaf, so maybe it's the mental aspect of the ritual, the smell, that I like.  I say go for it and keep it around.

  • Coffee is fine.  If you're a cream-and-sugar person, I might suggest replacing that with a shot of Myoplex vanilla RTD.  Me, I actually do use flavored creamer (hazelnut, Boston cream, etc.), but I measure 1 Tbsp.  I've dropped 24 lbs. since April 1, so it hasn't hurt me.  :-)

    Also, caffeine's harm is often overstated (assuming you don't have a medical condition that caffeine aggravates, such as a heart condition).  Caffeine has fat-burning capabilities, and most fat-burners on the market have caffeine.  However, as everyone stated above, be sure you drink water after drinking coffee, as it is a diuretic.