• is sushi like salmon roses, salmon california roll etc classified as a body for life meal??


    Or should this be saved for cheat days?

  • I love sushi as well :) The problem with sushi is the white rice, the mayo in the most of the rolls and the high levels of sodium in some of the dishes (like miso). However for the most part it is a really good meal. Many places are now offering sushi with brown rice. Another problem, at least for me, is portion control. Sushi is so good and it comes in nice bite sized pieces so it is easy to eat too much. :)

  • My husband was a high end sushi chef for 10 years so I'm happy to weigh in on this one. :) I'd recommend eating sushi made with brown rice and filled with fish + veggies only. Stay away from california rolls (the filling is fish cake + mayonnaise), philly rolls, crunchy rolls, crab rolls, and other fancy rolls like that. Better choices are maki rolls (fish or veg with less rice and the seaweed on the outside), hand rolls, nigiri sushi, and sashimi. Sashimi is a great way to get in your protein because eating too many rolls can put your carbs over the limit.

    I'd also recommend you avoid fattier portions of fish, like toro, which is fatty tuna belly. And stay away from tilapia and freshwater eel. Both are farm-raised in China, have high cholesterol, are fed largely GMO corn and soy and generally are total garbage (all sushi restaurants use the same 1-2 distributors and don't get products that are any different from other places, unless they are super high end and getting fish flown in FedEx from Japan, but even then you never know on certain types of fish).

    Good choices at sushi restaurants are maguro (tuna, but ONLY if the meat is ruby-red; if it's pink "sashimi grade" then it's been cold smoked using carbon monoxide and should always be avoided), shake (salmon), hamachi (yellowtail jack), kanpachi (amber jack), saba (mackerel), suzuki (sea bass), anago (sea eel), aji (Spanish mackerel), katsuo (bonito), hirame (halibut), tai (red snapper), and kohada (gizzard shad). Also, for sides, go for things like seaweed or cucumber salad, edamame without added salt (edamame is traditionally cooked in very salty water anyway), pickled plums, or fermented foods like natto or kim chi. They are gross but great for overall system support.

  • Hi there,

    I like sushi mwseahorse thanks for the education great advice. Is sushi typically gluten free?