Great Vegetarian Start for the Week.

  • With the first week in the hole, I am feeling a little more inspired about my workouts and meals. I got up later than I wanted to this morning but completed my workout neither the less. I have decided when my husband gets up to go to Army PT, I will get up too. Why does the darn Army has to get up so early! 

    Anyway, on my meal plan for this morning was the Egg-Cellent Enchiladas on page 223 of the Eating for Life cookbook. Well I had a problem with it cause I had corn tortillas. I think they taste so bland. Since I had to modify the recipe anyway to make it vegetarian, I decided to swap out the tortillas too.

    I used Toufayan low carb wraps because I like the taste of them and we don't have such a huge variety to choose from here overseas in the military community.

    First, I made my own salsa. I used some tomatoes ripen in my garden and some I bought at the commissary. The recipe came from a raw food cookbook and is absolutely delicious. I played with it a little to my own taste. 

    Next I crumble some extra firm tofu in a pan sprayed with Pam. I then seasoned it with black pepper, poultry seasoning (this
    is optional) and I used a little turmeric for a yellowish color.

    After I have cook the tofu to my taste and density, I transfer them to a bowl and put the wrap in the pan. I then line it with veggie cheese slices. I use veggie cheese slices because they melt easier and have a smoother taste than shreds to me. Then I slide the wrap on my plate and finish with the tofu eggs, a little salsa, and the avocado.

    I always rate recipes I modify. I will give this one an A-.  The changes I will make next time is look for a smaller wrap. 


  • Hi!

    thank you so much for sharing!That looks awesome!!!

    I am a vegetarian too and I will try this one for sure!:)

  • Wow that looks good!  I don't eat soy products but scrambled egg beaters would be great for me.