Week 1 Complete of BFL Veggie Style

  • I've completed week one and I must say it was not that bad. I did not want to get up every morning to work out but drugged my butt out of bed and did it any way. Sticking to a healthy eating plan on the weekends has always been my downfall. I love have a cold beer and watching movies with my husband on Sat nights. This night however, I held up to temptation even though he was rubbing it in good, lol. Even though I didn't post what I've eaten during the week, here is how my Saturday went:

    5 bananas, 1 mango, fresh squeezed orange juice, cup black coffee

    Sliced the mango with 1/2 banana and blended. Chopped the rest of the bananas in bowl and pour the mango/banana sauce over it. 

    Mid-morning snack:
    1 quart of apple, carrot, beet, and ginger juice. (I have a juicer)

    Turkey Sandwich (had a slice of tomato on it also but not pictured). Instead of fat free mayo, I opt for a little avocado. It turned out fabulous!

    Mid-afternoon snack:
    1 quart of apple, carrot, beet, and ginger juice 

    Spaghetti and meatballs. 


    Banana pudding 

    I used extra firm tofu with the pudding this time because that was all I had. Next time I will try firm. The pudding turned out delicious and is a keeper. Next time I will use soy whip cream to make it vegan.

  • Looks yummy! Have you tried silken tofu for pudding recipes? I think it works the best as the texture is much creamier!

  • Although I realize that eating vegan is higher in carb, this exceeds what you will need to achieve those goals.  Breakfast alone is at least 7x too high in carb and completely lacking in protein.  You need that protein first thing.

    Check out Vega.  Drastically increase your protein high veggies, like asparagus.  Have quinoa for carb, but please no tofu.  That can't honestly be classified as food.  It's absolutely horrible for you. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the info. Yes I have Vega products too. I hate both asparagus and quinoa, lol. I haven't eaten tofu until this challenge because I am trying to modify the recipes to vegetarian/vegan. I have been a vegan/raw foodist for some time now and am a raw food chef. A friend of mine said that I couldn't do this program the way I eat (this morning I am have sprouted buckwheat and hemp milk) because most people won't want to eat like a raw foodist. However, I think I can take the Eating for Life recipes and make them practical as Bill Phillips did and vegetarian, well so far so good anyway. As far as my protein, I don't really rely on one main source of protein. Instead, I focus on various quality sources and get a broad spectrum of amino acids (Cheeke, 2010).

    I won't be eating tofu every day, probably just the days I redo a recipe.

    Please keep the support coming, I have a weakness for beer and popcorn  :)

    By the way, you look amazing!