• I've checked the food list and checked through the titles in the Kitchen section ... what about chickpeas (garbanzo beans)? They can be made into a lot of different things, so I was surprised not to see them mentioned on either the "approved" or the "disapproved" list. They'd make a great dip for veggies.....

  • Yes, they are approved. They are a type of bean/legume, so it would count as your carb (even though they have a small amount of protein). Just watch your portions.....they are high in calories. For a female (not sure if you are male/female, but I am female), a portion would be no more than 1/2 cup.

  • Thanks, runnermom!

  • So I can eat hummus?? :):)

  • Probably not if it contains tahini and olive oil ... but you could use lemon, red peppers, and garlic (or garlic powder) to turn mashed chickpeas into a very coarse dip for celery or carrots.

  • There's a BFL recipe for hummus that uses Greek yogurt and just 1 T of tahini.  It's really good.

  • Could you make your own hummus as long as there's not too much olive oil & tahini?  I thought some fat was necessary?

  • There are recipes here sometimes, EFL and in the Champions book, but do keep in mind that they are not necessarily BFL approved.  I will have hummus on rare occassion and of course, count it as a carb.  It's not that great of an option, but can work for a sometimes. 

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