• Is anyone eating yogurt?

    Is it ok to eat flavors other than plain

    like a low fat or fat free strawberry greek yogurt?

    if you eat yogurt do you eat a protein with it even if it has a lot of protein in it?

  • i had a yoplait today...fat-free berry and pompagrantie (sp?)  I mixed in 100% whey protein shake mix into it.  Here's the kicker, I don't know if it is authorized or not as it is not expressly listed, but I thought Bill wrote fat-free dairy was okay.  I plan to consume yogurt until I hear contrary.

  • is the whey protein you are adding in a flavor, like vanilla or something?  I was doing the shakes for about a week, and now I can't seem to stomach the shakes anymore.  Can you just add whey powder to anything?

    I like greek yogurt because there is higher protein in it.  But I like the berry flavored ones so there is more sugar in those.  I try to eat the low fat ones and keep it to just a few days a week.

  • It's Gold Standard 100% Whey and it is flavored...double rich chocolate.  I don't have a very sophisticated palette though.  =)

  • Plain fat free greek yogurt is the best for an optimal challenge. Some people can't get past the taste, but I love it! I often add a handful of berries and/or a few almonds or walnuts. You could also add a little whey protein powder, but Greek yogurt is already high in protein. Sometimes I add a splash of pure vanilla or almond extract, cinammon, or even unsweetened cocoa powder with a dash of pure stevia. In my opinion, any yogurt with fruit already commercially added is too high in sugar for an optimal challenge.

  • I guess I should read labels more closely...14g sugar in the one I've been using.  Time to switch.  Good tip runnermom

  • what I do (not saying this is right but its the only way i tolerate yogurt) is I get the flavored greek but dont mix it and leave all the stuff at the bottom lol...sounds stupid but i love the flavor and it HAS to help eliminate some of the sugar plain is just too much for me (not a sour cream fan at all either..tastes like that to me) and I only have maybe 3 yogurts a week

  • I eat the greek yougurt,  fat free type the smaller portions that are made for the kids is just right for an additional protein to my lunch time EAS Advantage RTD and perhaps a small piece of fruit (apple) and it seems to work for me.

  • thank you everyone!

    fat free plain greek yogurt it is!

  • i believe the dannon light and fit fat free yogurt is the only one I have evry found that has a low sugar content. something like 5 grams I think

  • eat for life book, bill says yoplait fat free is ok, he mentioned blueberry and mixed it with cottage cheese as a mid meal.

    i eat this alot. but i also eat other flavors of this yogurt.